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The Last of us
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Postnatal care treatment for Mother and Child 

Ayurveda voice that mothers need extra care after child birth to balance the hormone changes and post natal distress and uneasiness. Kandamkulathy Ayurveda hospital provides  the best traditional and customized treatment to mother and newborns. It help mothers overcome postnatal complexities and also nourish them to begin a happy journey with her most expected kid. Package includes complete relaxation and medication to increase immunity powers and lactation.   


  • To bring the woman's health status to the pre pregnant state, as due to growth of the baby and the pain & blood loss during delivery, there is weakness & loss of vital elements from the body.
  • To prevent the complaints during Sutika kala such as

        1. UTI

       2. Backache

       3. Loss of appetite

       4. Thirst

       5. Anxiety

       6. Anger

       7. Disturbed sleep

       8. Depression, etc.


  • 24hrs Doctors Support
    24hrs doctors support, Lady patients will get direct caring through Lady doctors
  • Outpatient consultation
    Outpatient consultation will start from 8am to 8pm, Specialty doctors for each departments


Treatments are good and effective, I really appreciate the doctor for treating me in good manner.... -- Mr.David